When it comes to heating a building both fast and efficiently, whilst at the same time maintaining a level of comfort for occupants, you can’t get any more difficult than a 15th century medieval castle. But, Martin Buckley, owner of Tyrrellspass Castle, found a solution when he recently upgraded the heating system at the unique restaurant and coffee shop. Heat is generated using two gas boilers and  the existing steel radiators were replaced with 20 energy efficient Solo Radiators.

Three variants from the Solo Range were installed at Tyrrellspass Castle, including the Solo 3, Solo 6 and Solo Hideaway, ensuring that the correct level of heat was delivered to each dining area. A Solo radiator will generate significant heat immediately hot water is available to it, an important benefit for restaurant areas that have changing occupancy levels throughout the day.  This is because of the use of quiet backward curved centrifugal fans coupled with the fact that a Solo radiator contains less water than a conventional steel radiator. To put it in perspective, a 6kW capacity steel radiator needs 25.5 times more energy before it begins to heat than does a Solo radiator.

“The responsiveness of the Solo Radiators is the key benefit.  It is important for us to have zone control over the different dining areas and the independent control offered by the Solo allows for this. As the restaurant fills, we can deliver instant heat to each dining area. We also struggled to heat the building in the past, but we no longer have this problem.

Martin Buckley, Owner, Tyrrellspass Castle.

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