Solo Radiator Heating Terminals are designed to operate with both heat pumps and boilers. They supply instant heat where you want it, when you want it. All our systems can be used in isolation, or may be linked to form a wide array of energy saving solutions.

Comfort & Style

For the first time, it is possible to consider heating to be a style item in the design and decor of your home. You can now liberate yourself from unsightly and wasteful conventional solutions. Our philosophy recognises the importance of good design. The Solo Radiator Hydronic heaters add to the styling of your home.

A 50% reduction in boiler size is not unusual due to the fact that Solo was designed to operate with tiny water volumes and the energy saving software allows for continuous adjustment of the heat delivered to ensure no overheating or underheating.

Building on the unprecedented operating economy and success of the Solo Discreet and Modular ranges have been conceived to address developing consumer trends in interior design and lifestyle.