Solo is the first alternative to radiators and underfloor heating to provide energy savings, instant response, and style in a small package. It is now patented throughout the EU.

What are the differences?

Solo can reduce boiler size by up to 50%, Solo never gets hot to touch, Solo can be painted with ordinary paint, Solo is 20% the size of equivalent radiators, Solo is fully automatic, it controls temperature, it adjusts its output all the time.

Why is Solo better than underfloor heating?

With our changing weather conditions, Solo can react faster to the weather changes and Solo can operate at water temperatures as low as 26 degrees Celsius.

Can Solo operate with a heat pump?

Solo was designed specifically for the low water temperatures produced by Heat Pumps, but is perfect with boilers also. Condensing boilers will condense all the time when used with Solo, saving an additional 35% energy cost.

Is a Solo installation more expensive than underfloor heating?

To deal with this question adequately, we would need to go through the proposed installation. Please contact us directly at

What is the most frequent comment made by Solo users?

“We cannot believe how quickly Solo can heat very large areas”