Frequently asked questions about the SOLO range of products.

How is Solo piped?

Solo is piped in 22mm flow and return pipe taking care to observe the flow and return connections on the Solo.

Can I use ½” pipe?

No because Solo is designed to have a high resistance to flow so that the influence of pipe runs is minimised

What type of pump must I use?

Any 6m high heat pump such as Wilo or Grundfos will be fine, but a high head pump must be used.

Can I mix Solo´s and Radiators?

Yes, Solo can be used with conventional radiators – but we recommend that you contact us directly at for specific information on mixing Solo units with conventional radiators.

How many Solo´s can I put on a 22mm circuit?

Depending on the length of run, 6-8 is usually fine.

Any tips for long runs?

Use reverse return pipe work and/or larger diameter pipe.

How do I know if I have adequate flow?

There should be 5-8 degrees (Celsius) difference between flow and return. If is much higher, or if you feel a large difference with your hand, then you have low flow.

How else can this problem appear?

If Solo flashes the message “low water”, or if it takes too long to get to temperature.

Why is it important to observe the flow and return connections?

Solo operates on a contra flow system, and incorrect connections will reduce output by as much as 8%.