About Solo Radiator

Aubren Limited

A  company specialising in the delivery of low energy heating , cooling and ventilation products.

Why Choose Us?

  • Save significantly on running costs
  • Stylish & Discreet
  • Enhance your indoor space

Save significant running cost over conventional solutions. The running cost implications of this are enormous, as is the reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Solo works at the lower temperatures generated by Heat Pumps and condensing boilers also, and for instance each room in your home can now be individually zoned without any zoning valves used anywhere!

Stylish & Discreet

We have addressed the issue of stylish delivery of heat by the introduction of the Discreet range of Solo Hydronic which will enhance any location, and is available in a range of finishes.

Everything we develop is Created for Living, and has three objectives:

  1. Enhance the comfort, healthiness,and style of indoor space
  2. Dramatically reduce running cost.
  3. Put people 100% in control of conditions and running cost

We have pioneered Hydronic Heating based on our patented Solo system which like conventional heating systems is water based, but differs in that minute quantities of water are used, and advanced control techniques are embedded in the Solo Hydronic to help reduce boiler size while delivering exactly the heat required where and when needed with no warm up time.