Turley’s Pub Mountmellick became the latest commercial premises to use Solo Radiator, installing the Solo throughout the pub during a recent renovation.Two sizes from the range, Solo 3 and Solo 6, were used in conjunction with a traditional oil fired boiler. The fan-assisted Solo have no problem delivering heat to the wide open spaces of the premises ensuring customers can enjoy a drink in comfortable surroundings.

Solo Radiator, using their energy efficient fans, allow the room to heat up quickly as and when needed. This is an important factor for public houses which may have fluctuations in the number of people on the premises throughout the day. Each radiator is individually controlled, switching off immediately the temperature set-point is reached to prevent wastage of energy. The fast response time also means that the heat can be switched on close to opening time, further reducing boiler running costs.

“We know Solo Radiators well having installed them in our home a number of years ago. For us, the ability of the radiators to respond quickly and deliver heat when it is needed is a huge advantage over other systems.”

Michael Buggy, Owner, Turley’s Pub, Mountmellick.

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